Programming is now one of the most demanded jobs in the world. Many people are willing to learn about it, not just for seeking a profession but also because it’s a real life style . In this book, you’ll learn about the key skills needed to be a good programmer. We gathered the top hard and soft skills that are important to your programming journey. We hope you gain all the benefit from our book, and let it be a simple guide for you.

The team that supervised the preparation and Proofreadtion of the book

  • Eng. Nora HaidarEng.
  • Eng. Hazem Hamzah
  • Eng. Yara Mohammed
  • Eng. Yazan Sartawi
  • Eng. Amer Kherbek
  • Eng. Humam Dawood
  • Eng. Sally Nanaa
  • Eng. Douha Mhanna
  • Eng. Youmna Yazji
  • Eng. Qais Jarbou
  • Eng. Mohammed Aldhanuna
  • Eng. sahar Munzer
  • Eng. khalil Mahmud

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